Kalamazoo Area Runners Recognition Program Adds New Categories

The Kalamazoo Area Runners is pleased to announce we have added two new categories to The Runner Recognition Program for 2013.   New to our already existing categories are the Mega Trail Racer of The Year Award and the Perseverance Award.  

The Mega Trail Racer of The Year Award recognizes the runner who posts the most trail run completions during the course of the year (5k – Ultra distances) for the year.  This category is strictly based on the number of finishes.

The Perseverance Award recognizes a runner who has overcome obstacles and/or achieved significant goals during the year.

For more information on the Kalamazoo Area Runners Recognition Program  and a full listing of all categories and their definitions, visit the link below or “The Runner Recognition Program” menu option.

Click here for more information on The Runner Recognition Program