Registration for the 2016/2017 Fast Track 5K and 10K Training Program is now OPEN!

Fast Track

Registration is now open for the 2016/2017 Kalamazoo Area Runners (KAR) Fast Track 5K and 10K Training Program.

The Fast Track program runs 9 weeks December 11, 2016 through February 19, 2017 (December 25 and January 1 is off for the holidays) and meets indoors at the WMU Read Fieldhouse and Rec Center on Sunday mornings at 7:45am.  (Other indoor facilities may be used based on availability.) The Fast Track program is geared towards runners of all abilities and has four program levels ranging from beginner walk to run to competitive speed work.

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Program Levels

Fast Track I (Beginner Walk to Run 5k Program) – Fast Track to running – Geared towards transitioning the new runner from walking to running and completion of a first 5k.

Fast Track II (Step Up 5k & 10k Program) – Fast Track to the next Step – Step up to the next level through our own custom designed program incorporating light fartlek (speed-play) and a gradual mileage build-up. Geared towards runners who have mastered their first 5k, and are ready to go the next level in training for the 5k distance, or to build up mileage to run their first 10k. (under 20 miles/week)

Fast Track III (Introduction to Speedwork 5k & 10k Program) – Fast track to speed work. Geared towards transitioning a runner who has some 5k and/or 10k running experience, but is new to track workouts and is looking for a lower mileage program (under 25 miles/week for 5k/under 30 miles a week for 10k).

Fast Track IV (Competitive Speedwork 5k & 10k Program) – Fast Track to maximum performance – Geared towards competitive runners with 5k and/or 10k racing and track workout experience who are seeking optimal performance and/or a higher mileage program (25 + miles week for 5k/30+ miles a week for 10k).


I never enjoyed running, I thought you just strapped on shoes and out you went. I learned so much more in this class, from coaches and other participants. I started running in March, I did 7 5ks this summer with no injuries and had a great time. I plan on running on a regular basis. Thank you. – Dodi Watkins

When I heard about fast track, I was a little intimidated to join a program that push me to work on my time. I found that the online program to initially produce target times was pressuring. However, once I came to the first fast track session, all of those feelings of intimidation and fear immediately decreased as we were broken into our groups. I have never been in a club with such supportive and encouraging coaches! We took each week one at a time as it came while setting achievable goals. As the long runs came, we worked as a team to accomplish our newly targeted times. Not only were our personal coaches encouraging, I felt supported by the entire group of coaches. Weekly newsletters and events were appropriately communicated as well as the opportunities to participate in clinics. I will definitely encourage others to join this program to not only work on their personal running times but to also gain access to a s supportive running community! Thank you Fast Track! – Kylie Hollister

I loved this program. I felt it was very supportive of the members and very motivating. I enjoyed the fun events and get together and it was a great way to connect with others in the local running community. – Rachel Smith

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For questions about Fast Track 5k & 10k Level I, II, III or IV programs, please contact Fred Keister at