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Registration for the 2013 Fast Track 5k and 10k Training Program To Remain Open Through July 31, 2013

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KAR Fast Track 5k and 10k LogoKalamazoo Fast Track 5k & 10k Training Program Registration To Remain Open Through July 31, 2013.              

The Kalamazoo Fast Track 5k and 10K training program offers three levels of track workouts designed to meet your goals whether beginner or experienced runner.  Led by experienced KAR coaches, the program targets the Peacock Strut 5k & 10k scheduled for September 14, 2013 and includes training schedules, individual guidance, clinics and structured Tuesday track workouts.  Sessions are conducted 6:30 pm Tuesday nights at WMU Kanley Track and run 10 weeks from July 9, 2013 to September 10, 2013.

  • Fast Track I (Beginner Walk to Run) – Fast Track to running – Geared towards transitioning the new runner from walking to running and their first 5k.
  • Fast Track  II (5k Introduction to Speedwork) – Fast track to speed work. Geared towards transitioning a runner who has some 5k running experience, but is new to track workouts and is looking for a lower mileage program (under 20      miles/week).
  • Fast Track III (5k Competitive Speedwork) – Fast Track to maximum performance –  Geared towards competitive runners with 5k racing and track workout experience who are seeking optimal performance and/or a higher mileage program (20 + miles week).
  • Fast Track IV (5k to 10k Step Up Program) – Fast Track 5k to 10k transition is our  own custom designed program incorporating light fartlek (speed-play) and a gradual mileage build-up.  Geared towards runners who have mastered the 5k distance, and are ready to go the next level and run their first 10k.  (under 20 miles/week)
  • Fast Track V (10k Introduction to Speedwork) Fast track to speed work.  Geared towards transitioning a runner who has some 5k running experience but is new to track workouts and/or seeking a lower mileage program.   Similar to 5k Level II but with mileage geared towards the 10k distance (20 – 30 miles/week)
  • Fast Track VI (10k Competitive Speedwork) Fast Track to maximum performance.  Geared toward competitive runners with 10k racing and track workout experience who are seeking optimal performance and/or seeking a higher mileage program. Similar to 5k Level III but with mileage geared towards the 10k distance (more than 30 miles/week).

Program is $25 to Members of the KAR.  Participants may join (new members) or renew (existing members) their KAR membership upon registration.  Current members receive a $5 discount upon renewing their membership and entering the 4-digit KAR discount code.

Please contact Bonnie Sexton at or visit for more information and registration.


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