Fast Track 5k and 10k Training Program – Kalamazoo

The Kalamazoo Area Runners (KAR) Fast Track 5K and 10K Training Program prepares runners for the 5k and 10k distances through a fun and supportive environment. Sessions are held in Kalamazoo in the summer.

Fast Track is geared towards runners of all abilities and has four program levels ranging from beginner walk to run to competitive speed work. The program includes weekly coach-led workouts, training schedules, email communications, social activities, educational clinics and assessments, and more.

Program Levels

Fast Track I (Beginner Walk to Run 5k Program)

Fast Track to running – Geared towards transitioning the new runner from walking to running and the completion of a first 5k. Must be able to walk continuously for 30 minutes.

Fast Track II (Introduction to Speedwork 5k & 10k Program)

Fast track to speed work. Geared towards transitioning a runner who has some 5k and/or 10k running experience, but is new to track workouts and is looking for a lower mileage program (under 25 miles/week for 5k/under 30 miles a week for 10k).

Fast Track III (Competitive Speedwork 5k & 10k Program)

Fast Track to maximum performance – Geared towards competitive runners with 5k and/or 10k racing and track workout experience who are seeking optimal performance and/or a higher mileage program (25 + miles week for 5k/30+ miles a week for 10k).